Goji Berries

We have three main types of Goji Berries that we sell on our site.

As one of the leading source for Goji Berries in the UK and Europe, we like to give you a choice of Goji Berries, so you can choose the appropriate price and quality of Goji Berry that suits you!




Our Ningxia Goji Berries

Our Organic Goji Berries

Our Tibetan Goji Berries




Moderately Dry 



Softer and more moist 


 China (Ningxia Province)  China (Himalayas)  Tibet

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 Nice, but a little dry. Better mixed with cereal or cooked.  Much softer, fuller flavour.  Best tasting Goji Berries we have tasted anywhere! Taste superb just eaten straight from the packet!

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